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A Few Things I Know For Sure

I can’t help feel like this blog should be set to the tune of P!nk’s hit song, “That’s All I Know So Far” and I think her main point mirrors one of the things that I think is a certainty for me as well. Like P!ink claims in her song, I too feel that there are not a whole bunch of things that I can say with 100% confidence that I know for sure in this life. By this, I of course don’t mean mundane truths such as, my name is Colleen, and I am a female human. The truths that I am speaking about here are the big, foundational Truths that my worldview is built upon. I could just as easily be a non-binary person named Sylvester and I would likely still have these same foundational beliefs.

The first of these Truths is what I see as the most important one of all – the one Truth that everything else rests upon. It is sort of a Truth bundle. For me, I can’t separate the bundle into separate truth nuggets and come up with the same impervious foundation. This Truth of all Truths is that the Entity of God is the all-powerful, all-loving Creator of all that is, was or will be. The individual nuggets that are inseparably intertwined in that bundle are:

· God is an Entity – while I believe that the name “God” is not necessarily itself an accurate depiction, I think that the concept of the God Entity encompasses all Originating Sources of Energy that is not Energy alone. I think that God is the Original Creating Force, but is not that Force alone but is cognizant, has personality and individuality but also encompasses all that is. God is alive and living within and through each of us and that is how we are each individual and still parts of the Whole that is God. How can that be? I don’t know – that is not one of the things that I know for sure 😉.

  • God is all-loving – This is one of the intertwining Truths that is the reason that we have nothing to fear. If God is all-loving that means that there is nothing or no one that is not loved by God.

  • God is all-powerful – I have to add this one in right here – right alongside the belief that God is all-loving because they go hand in hand. If God loves everyone and everything, and God does – then God would want to have relationship with us always. Since God is all-powerful there is no force or reason or entity that could ever cause or demand God not have what God wants most. Because of these two Truths, I can’t believe in an eternal hell – an eternal reality for some souls to be separated from God forever in torment. With that said, from what I have read, there seem to be realms or dimensions which seem quite hellish. Why do some souls pass into one of these realms upon leaving their Earthly bodies? I don’t know – another one the things that isn’t on my list of things I know for sure. What seems to be evident is that a simple request or call to God seems to draw way-laid souls into connection with God. This is why I feel it is important for us to gain a firm grasp on the realization of God’s love and develop a relationship with God while we are alive – it will help us transition more easily into that loving embrace when our Earth mission is complete.

  • God is The Creator – of all of everything, everywhere and always. Nothing and no one has ever been created apart from God – which means that everything and everyone is perfect as is.

Wow, that was a big Truth – as it should be, I guess. The next of my foundational Truths is that we are eternal beings. The bodies we inhabit at the moment are tools and when we are done the job they were created to accomplish, we will depart from them and become once again our greatly expanded selves – unbound by space and time and once again aware of our interconnectedness with God and all of God’s creation. The reason we come to Earth? Not on the list – I don’t know… some reasons make more sense to me than others, but the why of it is not something I can claim certainty over – but that doesn’t worry me.

The next of my “Big T” list, I have already mentioned a couple of times. It is the Truth that I think P!ink sings about in her song, “That’s All I Know So Far”, and I mentioned it while discussing the Truth bundle of God. This Truth, I think, is the hardest for us to embrace – that we serve our purpose here on Earth best by being 100%, fearlessly, unabashedly US! It is the hardest thing for us to believe that we are perfect, we are enough, we are worthy and worthwhile and what we have to bring is exactly what the universe needs right now. It isn’t surprising that we struggle to embrace this Truth. Everything around us, almost from the day we enter this world seems to scream at us, complain at us, laugh at us, humiliate, and belittle us – moving mountains to make us believe that we are not the divine creation of our Loving God. The great evil in this world is this lie. It is exactly what causes the fear that fuels the hate that spurs the greed that causes us to turn against one another and all of creation to horde everything we feel we lack. That was a BIG bite too, but something that I believe passionately and will return to in future blog posts.

There is one more item on my list of things that I know for sure, and I’m in great company on this one because it is the one thing that the majority of religions and spiritual leaders agree on. We might not know a lot about exactly what life is all about – but there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the greatest thing we can do is to love; love God, love Self, love Others, love All.

So, my list is not long but I am comfortable admitting that I don’t know anything else with complete certainty because what I do know for sure – is all that I really need to know to live my life joyfully and without fear.

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