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Embrace the Proof!

Last week my blog post primarily addressed the majority of my readers who know that we, as individuals continue beyond the cessation of our body’s functioning. Like me, many of you grew up with a faith-based background, so the concept of departing this world for a much better experience when our bodies stop working is deeply ingrained. Even given that, when Errol’s essence left for ‘parts unknown’, I knew without a doubt that he continued, but I wanted more. I needed more! It was similar to when Dylan accepted an opportunity to share a condo with a friend from high school while he attends university in Regina. I knew the boy and I knew the family (all of whom are exceptionally nice people) and had been assured that the condo was very nice. I’m sure that all the mothers out there are with me when I say, “that’s all well and good – but I’m gonna need to see it.” It’s not that I doubted the safety or security of the place, not at all! When I think of Dylan in Regina, I want to be able to place him in the environment he is in and know that he is safe and secure. It’s more visceral than intellectual – it is vibe versus visuality. The same was true for Errol. I knew immediately that his soul had taken off for God’s heavenly realm, and while I certainly wasn’t in doubt of the character of his Host (it doesn’t get any better than God, right?), I still needed to get a feel for what his home and life is like.

What I found when I began looking ASTOUNDED me and it left me with a lot of confusion about why/how anyone could possibly doubt the existence and continuation of the soul. As I said, I grew up in a Catholic home and became Christian as an adult. I graduated with my BA in Theology and was familiar with what the Bible has to say about continued life and Heaven, so I set out to add to that knowledge. I began searching for books on life after bodily death, Heaven, and all related topics.

The first thing that caught my attention was a book by Elisabeth Kubler Ross called “On Life After Death.” Elisabeth Kubler Ross is the wonderful mind responsible for introducing us to the 5 stages of grief, so hers was a name that was forefront in my mind at the time. Elisabeth had the opportunity to walk the path toward the transition from bodily life to spiritual life with many people and as she did, she gathered their stories, their experiences which included interacting with loved ones who had already made the transition and also their near death experiences (or NDEs). I gobbled up everything she had to say – the images of our next life, as relayed by people who have had the opportunity to visit and return were just what my mother’s soul needed to rest easy. There are an abundance of books out there that portray experiences people have had through near death experiences. What these experiences reveal that soothed me was that we retain our ‘selves’ in the spiritual realm – we don’t just blend into life force energy, but we stay us only so much better. The testimonies of people who have tasted the afterlife talk about a glorious place with plants and buildings and animals, weather, people and relationships. I am so thrilled to imagine Errol reuniting with his Gramma and Uncle Lyle and it brings tears to my eyes to imagine him with his Grampa and Wayne, neither of whom he met on Earth, but who I am sure he enjoys being with now.

The more I read, the more perplexed I became. How can people still turn their backs on the abundance of evidence – including scientific evidence which clearly speaks to the existence of our souls as realities that exist beyond the body. You may have heard scientists refer to the brain/mind problem which is the knowledge among the scientific community that the brain does not/cannot create consciousness – and yet they doubt. One of the main commonalities of NDEs is the knowledge of the experiencer that everyone and everything is one. I was shocked to learn that science has proven this – almost 100 years ago! And yet people doubt… Several scientists studying quantum mechanics around the 1930s discovered that at the atomic level, matter changes according to the individual observing it. Matter and the scientist studying it are linked. There is a fabulous physicist, Gary Zukav who has written 2 books which discuss these revolutionary principles in depth. His first book, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” is a ley-man’s interpretation of the findings of these scientific minds who were forever changed by their findings.

The scientific community at large stubbornly refuses to even acknowledge the absolute glut of hard proof that is rapidly accumulating. This proof is being provided by NDEs, visits people have from spirits who have passed, memories of children from their time in heaven and their previous lives, and other experiential evidence. The time of doubt is rapidly running out. There are an ever-increasing number of highly reputable individuals – doctors, scientists and psychiatrists among them who have finally realized there is too much evidence to ignore. One of my favorite books on NDE research is “After” by Bruce Greyson M.D.. In the book he relates that scientists tend to deal with unexplainable phenomenon by lifting the corner of the rug and shoving the unexplainable underneath until the bulge in the rug begins to topple the furniture. I think we are finally at that point where none of the furniture is remaining upright and a revolution of belief and understanding that will change humanity and the world is set to erupt.

There is an abundance of information out there. I encourage you to seek it out and delve into it with an open heart and let your heart guide you. I also challenge you to revisit your Bibles – but instead of reading with the whispered words of others insinuating their meaning, listen to your own heart because that is how God speaks to you. God will always tell you what He wants you to know if you are ready to listen. Also, don’t be alarmed or disillusioned if what you find as Truth is not what someone else finds – there is room for more than one Truth in God’s universe. As the great Bard said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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