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For Dad

For Dad

I had a different blog post planned for today, but yesterday as I thought about Dad, I realized that while I have written about pretty much every topic imaginable – I haven’t written anything specifically for Dad. With that realization, I determined to rectify that omission:

A Little Pink Note

A cedar wood box sits on my vanity;

the vault for Important and Precious things -

Birth Certificates, Passports, Memorial Cards

Antique Hankies, Heirloom Jewelry and a little pink note.

A simple pink rectangle, diminutive in size;

the back-side bears a scribbled blue circle

where the pen’s ink was coaxed to flow.

Three simple lines and a flourished signature:

“See you kid

keep up the

good work.”


My Dad – Handsome, Strong, Imposing, Proud, Loving

and I was blessed to experience his tender side.

“Squirt, go find a brush,” he would say, and off I’d run

eager for the warmth of his lap and his patient brush strokes.

A can of white oil paint spilled painting our playhouse

landed largely in my hair. It’s got to be cut; Mom declared

but that wouldn’t stand. My head in the sink while he toiled -

turpentine & many shampoos – felt like hours to save my hair.

His stature belied the power of his spirit;

‘the look’ – from his sapphire blue eyes commanded instant respect.

Jet-black hair fell in a perfect wave shot through with one silver streak

which now resides in my hair – of which I am inordinately proud.

Yesterday I sifted through the treasures to find this note.

My fingertips caressing each precious item in turn.

Funny – I thought it said, “Kiddo, I’m proud of you.”

I suppose I remembered the meaning rather than the words.

My realization yesterday led me to recall the little pink note Dad wrote to me when I was living in Regina taking my cosmetology training, so I went to find it and the rest of the words just followed one another out onto the page. Dads, (and men in general) tend to find it more challenging to express their feelings with words. This was especially true of my Dad. A lack of loving exhortations didn’t keep me from knowing the depth of love Dad had for his family. Every day he worked so hard, and it certainly wasn’t so that he could retire early and spend his days enjoying the fruits of his labours.

My brother, Lyle is spending Father’s Day with our Dad and while he ached at least as much anyone to hear expressions of pride and love while they both resided in their Earthly forms – today he is receiving the benefit of experiencing love expressed in the only way it can truly be fully experienced; directly soul to soul.

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