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Raise the Banner of Love!

I am stepping aside from my planned blog post for this week because I am feeling compelled to ask this question: Where is the voice of Love?

I look around me and find myself bombarded by the clamoring of voices eager to express their overwhelming feelings of terror in the form angry and hateful exclamations.

People, we are ALL afraid! Our current reality is taking us down dark alleyways that we never thought we would have to tread. We are facing an unreasoning and uncaring opponent that has brought us to our knees... and we are afraid.

We are afraid of the disease, we are afraid of losing our rights, we are afraid of being right, we are afraid of being wrong, we are terrified that our voice will not be heard. So, we yell louder and stronger and with more and more anger – but is what we are yelling, what we want the world to hear, or is it the expression of our vulnerability, screaming out into the abyss because we don’t know what else to do?

Amid all of this I find myself wondering where is the voice of Love? I wonder this because I know to the depths of my Soul that the number of people who ache to reach out to this suffering world in Love far outnumber those who are honestly hateful, angry, or uncaring.

I see the hands of Love every day. They are the doctors, nurses, EMTs, medical technicians, and health workers who put themselves on the front-line every day to face our uncaring foe. They are the store clerks, gas-station attendants, police, and service providers who push back their own fears so that we can continue to live our lives in the face of such a great threat. These Loving hands are too often being taken for granted and they are not receiving the support of an outpouring of Loving and supportive voices. Please, let’s change that!

This is not a ‘sermon’. I am not making this call because I know how the voice of Love should be expressed. I am honestly asking. Since I know there are more voices aching to yell LOVE from the rooftops, how do we DO that?

I imagine most of you are like me – you hear the constant barrage of hate and find yourself cowering in the corner because you don’t want to strike out in corresponding anger. We all know you can’t change anger by lashing out in anger – that only adds fuel. If we continue down the path of fear and anger we are streaking down headlong, we are going to find ourselves in mire of needless death and destruction.

Loving souls, we NEED to turn this around! I am asking you to shout out your expressions of Love! Toss out your ideas for Loving action! Blare your gratitude for the care and service you receive! People of Love – come together! We are the majority! Let your voices be heard!

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