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Birds for Fall

I lounge beneath the faded sapphire of this noon sky. The sprit of Summer has possessed this fall day. It has robbed the breeze of it’s crisp bite and replaced it with a comforting caress.

From my perch atop the sun-warm cushions of this deck chair my soul cheers Summer’s theft. My body melts into languidity, accepting this gift with penetrating gratitude.

This precious day dissolves the foreboding of what will surely come from my heart and lets me dream a while of endless spring.

The sky above is painted with the topsy-turvy breakers of a cloud-washed shore, stretching endlessly across the infinite gold-ripe prairie expanse. Industrious avian sky-skiers populate the sea overhead. As they frolic amid the scudding waves their songs give voice to my heart’s worship.

My mind knows and my body remembers what the months ahead have in store but today I choose to forget. Today the spirit of Summer and I stand in rebellion, middle fingers raised in defiant salute, holding off the chill by wallowing in the glory that is this stolen day.

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