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Fall-ing into Youth

Leisurely steps carry me forward

Aimlessly wandering

Lethargy depicts every movement

Awash in the golden-hued fall light.

Breezy caresses swirl around me

Stroking my skin from forehead to heel

The touch tickles my flesh to life

Awaking a giddiness within me.

Leaf confetti tumbles over me

A celebration of the summer past

To gather in crispy drifts against the curb

Calling me over with their raspy clatter.

I don’t attempt to resist the temptation

This glorious fall day is melting years from me

Mother nature coaxing her daughter,

“shrug off the weight of responsibility and dance with me!”

My feet scuffling through the leaves

emit the joyous voice of tambourines singing.

The scent that erupts – clean, fresh and verdant

Breathes youth into this weary soul.

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